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Wallet Waves

The token was designed and created using Waves platform technology. In this way, it has all the benefits coming from Waves, as the unique wallet address of Waves for all the tokens created in it.


Confidentiality in transactions using American bit is guaranteed by the blockchain technology implemented by the Waves platform, ensuring simplicity and usability in digital currency trading.

Dex Exchange

When created through the Waves platform, the American bit token has at its disposal the Dex Exchange (Decentralized Exchange), where the tokens will be sold during the ICO phase. Dex guarantees security in the negotiations.


Through White Paper you will know the operational proposal of the American bit project more thoroughly. Learn more about all the peculiarities of one of the most ambitious projects of the moment in crypto-coins in Brazil.

Logomarca da

The social network

The American bit project encompasses, among other things, the creation, maintenance and evolution of its own social network: Its focus is to bring together in a single social environment, digital entrepreneurs, freelancers, traders, entrepreneurs, merchants and so on.

Among its functionalities present in the social network, we have: creation of groups, albums, sale of products, mark events, create blogs, hashtag (#), chatbox, possibility to follow a profile, etc.

The confidentiality of user data is one of the pillars of, so that the user can have more confidence about the security of personal information. In addition, access to the network will also be protected against access by bots.

Full Node

Reinforcing this idea and in order to make the project perennial and sustainable will be set up a Full Node Waves, powered by solar energy, to strengthen the community, reduce the environmental impact and keep our currency in the air permanently.

In conjunction with Full Node will be granted access to it - via a LPOS Pool - for users to lease their Waves. We will return 98% of the rewards to the users that give the coins to be leased in our Full Node, thus guaranteeing the perpetuity of our currency.

Web Radio

Also part of the project is the creation and maintenance of a web-radio focused on business. The program will cover several subjects (economics, entrepreneurship, fairs and exhibitions, change, cryptomoedas, agricultural subjects, musical programming, among others).

All subjects will be approached technically by people who understand the business area.

Other main programs that are part of the web-radio project

  • Policy program: Politics is always an important pillar in the global economy, so we will have news about the political world and what may influence the financial market.
  • Analysis of the stock market of the stock market based on the news of the day.
  • Health program

Payments Gateway

Creation and availability of a payment gateway, for payment of bills, cell phone charges, all with the American bit currency.


Total Supply 37 Million
Available for ICO 26 Million
Strategic Partners 4 Million
Marketing and Development Team 3 Million
Strategic Reserve 4 Million 4 Million


The American bit token was developed on the Waves platform, thus it enjoys all the advantages of the platform, such as access to the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) and the Waves portfolio.




Market Analysis and Scenario

Period of analysis and study on the opportunities and risks in the market of cryptomoedas.


Token Creation

Creation of the Token on the Waves platform. Continuity of studies and maturity of the project.

img Pre-Launch

Pre-launch of the social network focused on business, crypto-coins, stock exchange and the like.


ICO launch

This day will be the launch of ICO in Dex (Decentralized Exchange of Waves) and authorized partners.


Listing in other Exchanges

DEX - Exchange


End of ICO

Closing of the sales of the last lot of tokens at Dex.


Social Networking Shield

Migration of social network infrastructure to own servers, to ensure greater security, confidentiality and availability to users.


Release of Full Node Waves

Beginning of Full Node Waves operations in Brazil, giving more speed and security to Waves users and guaranteeing the perpetuity of the American Bit


Launch of Web Radio

Official inauguration of the web radio, which will be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the air with diverse schedules focused on the financial world.


Payments Gateway

Creation and availability of a payment gateway, for payment of bills, cell phone charges, all with the American bit currency.